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New Jersey Auto Pre-Certification

Procura’s auto injury management service (AIMS) adheres to the New Jersey Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act of 1998 (AICRA). The Act requires practitioners to provide notification of intended medical procedures, treatments, diagnostic tests or other services, non-medical expenses and durable medical equipment.

Through the prospective review of medical treatment and procedures, Procura’s medical professionals review treatment plans submitted by providers to determine whether claimants are receiving the appropriate level of medical care, and whether the treatment plan is medically necessary. The pre-certification process includes the use of prior authorization, utilization review and case management protocols to ensure services are authorized in accordance with standard professional treatment guidelines.

Procura’s AIMS professionals are experts in auto injury claims management, including case management, nursing, pharmacy and ancillary healthcare services. The AIMS team manages the entire pre-certification process including appeals and dispute resolution.

This program is designed as a turn-key solution for auto carriers in adherence of AICRA regulations. Auto carriers utilize Procura to manage their pre-certification program because of our expertise in personal injury protection (PIP) and auto injury claims.

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