Procura Management

Auto Injury Management Services (AIMS)

Procura’s auto injury management services (AIMS) assists auto payers in the management of medical expenses and care of policyholders. Through the prospective review of medical treatment and procedures, AIMS professionals determine whether the policyholder is receiving the appropriate level of medical care, and whether the treatment plan is medically necessary.

Staffed with experienced and licensed nurse case managers, the AIMS team reviews treatment plans for compliance with standard medical and disability guidelines and statutory regulations. Clinical experts ensure the provision of proper medical care to policyholders while controlling medical costs and detecting possible fraud claims. Through an authorization process, medical services are approved and coordinated in a timely manner.

Designed specifically for auto payers, this specialized case management program detects if policyholders are either receiving treatment from multiple specialists or inappropriate medical treatment for a submitted diagnosis.

The AIMS case management program controls medical and litigation costs while yielding patient and provider satisfaction.

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