Procura Management

Auto Market

Current Challenges Facing Auto Payers

Throughout the industry, finding proven medical cost management methods and tools for claimants is difficult due to several factors:

  • Cost management approaches need to be policyholder-centric. When choosing an insurance carrier, the policyholder is both the consumer and decision maker, with price and service driving this decision.
  • Cost management programs must deliver consumer and carrier driven strategies focused on increasing market share and penetration. A successful program focuses on policyholder retention, ease of use for adjusters and increased renewal rates through optimized program outcomes.
  • Carriers must continue to develop enhanced value to the consumer while managing overall automobile claims costs.

Procura addresses these challenges by providing value added solutions for both the payer and the claimant.

  • We increase cost savings through unit cost reductions across all services and deliver additional savings through the prospective management of utilization.
  • We enhance claimant satisfaction through ease of access, coordinating services across the entire spectrum of care, eliminating out-of-pocket expenses, maximizing policy limits and providing high-touch service with clear communication and proactive outreach.
  • We enable access to available provider organizations to assist the claimant with management of auto related injuries and associated costs.
  • We reduce administrative burden on adjusters through high-touch service to claimants while prospectively managing care by consistently applying business rules and best practices.
  • We create and maintain positive relationships with our network providers.